Sunday, February 24, 2008

Shop of the Day

In the movie The Forty Year Old Virgin, one of the main characters works in a store that sells stuff on eBay. When a guy goes into the store and wants to buy something he is told he can only have it if he goes home and buys it on the internet.

Well, folks, here is that store. And no, it's not a joke. It's in the Mall at Northgate, it's called Sold Online, and, as the hi-tech display in the picture shows, it works like this: you drop off your item, they sell it online, and you get a check in the (snail?) mail.

Unfortunately I didn't have any items with me to drop off (why didn't I think to bring that old Ikea table with me to the mall?), so I couldn't try out the service.

Any ideas why there's a dentist's chair in the store?

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