Monday, May 4, 2009

Northgate Mall's makeover taking shape

At last the scaffolding has come down around the first phase of Northgate Mall's renovation. And the Macerich team have kindly posted some new photos of the work in progress on the mall's website.

The retro/industrial warehouse look is evident in the photo below, which shows the renovated eastern mall and the existing Gap store. (Click on the picture for larger version).
The US Bank has some nice brick detailing. Shame about the ugly black windows.
I'm liking the new entry adjacent to the Century Theatres.

Here's the food court, complete with chairs and tables, but no sign of any eateries.

Another view of the eastern mall, next to the Macy's entrance I think.

Follow the link above to the website for more pictures. And here are some of the previous pictures.

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