Friday, March 20, 2009

Northgate Mall refurb: new photos, new renderings and new timing

Yuk - it looks like Home Depot! was my first reaction to the photos of the nearly-completed first stage of the Northgate Mall renovation.

The Northgate Mall construction website has been updated with some new photos of the work in progress and artistic renderings of the finished product. Also, a revised timeline for completion of the first phase, which was previously supposed to be finished at the end of last month, but is now scheduled for the end of March. The grand opening for the completed renovation is now scheduled for November, in time for the holiday shopping rush (if there is one this year).

Bare steel beams and exposed roofing and ducting give the new interior space a very industrial look, which is not very attractive in its current state.
However, things look better on the artistic renderings, such as the one below of the food court, with plenty of wood to soften the look and of course lots of attractive happy smiling shoppers too.
The photo below shows how the exterior of the food court is shaping up. More steel beams, which, if you look at the artist rendering, will be covered by some fuzzy brown stuff...

1 comment:

BIGMallrat said...

Who doesn't love fuzzy brown stuff?

My home depot isn't this fancy, but it's a nice change. Like a new haircut, it take a while to get used to such a drastic change.

I just appreciate them keeping this mall enclosed!

I should have known that "something" was happening when the mall actually contacted me for photos. That doesn't happen very often. Your blog must be getting ingrained. This was the first place I thought to look!

Thanks for keeping us posted!