Friday, November 4, 2011

Marinwood Market opens for business

There's something very satisfying about the opening of a new locally owned business. And when that business is a supermarket in these times of economic uncertainty and chain store dominance it's even more satisfying.

Marinwood Market is not a totally new business - it's actually a transplant of the old Boardwalk Market in Tiburon. But it's a new location and a new larger 15,000 sq.ft store for the owners and the transplanted staff.

It takes many years for a grocery store to establish its reputation and customer loyalty in a new location, but the Marinwood Market can count on a lot of good will from the local community, which has been without a local market for more than five years since Marinwood Plaza's Bell Market closed.

More photos of the new store and the renovation are on the store's Facebook page.

As can be seen from these photos, the new store is bright and spacious and fairly well stocked, with just a few gaps still waiting to be filled. The produce and deli sections are modest but nicely presented and appropriate for a store of this size.

When I visited the store was quiet - but it was a midweek afternoon, so no surprise.

Overall a great improvement from two years ago, when it seemed the Plaza would never recover.