Sunday, May 9, 2010

Old Town Square Corte Madera

Corte Madera's Old Town Square is located on the western side of Corte Madera, at the intersection of Tamalpais Boulevard and Corte Madera Avenue. As its name suggests, this was the original commercial center for Corte Madera, where stores and other businesses clustered around the train station. The station is long gone and a bike path now follows the railroad tracks through to Larkspur. Menke Park sits in the center of the Old Square and the commercial businesses and stores line the surrounding streets. Marin Nostalgia has a few photos of the train station.
The retailers around the Square include many long-established retailers that serve the local community, plus a few destination businesses that draw people from further away. There's a predominance of hair salons and personal & business services, with just a few stores selling goods, food and drink.
Businesses along Corte Madera Avenue include Stefano's Pizzeria, Passion Flowers, Eat My Cookies and Ricks Wine Cellar.

Next to Menke Park on First Street, there's clothing consignment store Swan Dive, A-Line hair salon and a furniture consignment store: Peterson's Consign & Design. There's also the Marin outlet of The Dailey Method, which is usually packed with Marin Moms after the school drop-off and is possibly the most-visited business on the Square.

One of the oldest buildings is the old horse stables on the Tamalpais Drive side of the Square, which dates from around 1900, and is now occupied by Stellar Spa. Next to it is the only restaurant, Benissimo, the Corte Madera Cafe, and M Clothing. Also on this side is the newest business, Mobile Tech, a computer repair shop that recently moved from its former home further east on Tamalpais Boulevard (which is now being turned into a Bank of Marin branch). Mobile Tech occupies part of the building that was previously Tamalpais Paint and Color. The remainder of this building remains vacant.

Around the corner of Corte Madera Avenue is a laundry and the Twin Cities Market & Deli, which specializes in deli sandwiches and has a selection of Australian wines, beers and candy, courtesy of Les, the Aussie owner.