Saturday, February 23, 2008

Safeway, Terra Linda

I took a look at the Safeway at Terra Linda when I was passing through there last week. The store is located just north of The Mall at Northgate, on Las Gallinas Avenue. It is part of an old strip mall that includes Pier One, Starbucks, the Magic Flute music store and several services and take-out food stores.
I heard that the Safeway wasn't too good, and having seen the store I can see why. Both inside and outside the supermarket needs some work to bring it up to the standards of other Safeways in the region. The store is smaller than average and seems crowded, with stock piled in the aisles, making it difficult for customers to pass each other.

With no other full-sized supermarket in the Terra Linda/Las Galinas/Civic Center area, it looks like Safeway does not have an incentive to improve its act.


jennifer said...

... it is a Safeway grocery store... it looks just fine.

jennifer said...

seriously, it is Marin .... the safeway is fine folks.. it looks like a store, it is clean and you can buy food there. However, if you want huge wide lanes for huge wide... uh umms... I hear Rocklyn has big giant new shopping centers, the kind that pop up over night... if I were you I would go check them out... I hear the home prices there are much lower too. good luck!