Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mi Pueblo heading to East San Rafael

Mi Pueblo Foods, a Bay Area hispanic grocery store, is aiming to take over the old Circuit City store on Bellam Blvd in East San Rafael. According to the North Bay Business Journal, the store submitted a planning application to the City at the end of March and there will be a hearing at the City May 19th.

Juvenal Chavez, CEO of Mi Pueblo explains what the store is about:

Mi Pueblo’s competitive advantage comes from high standards for operational efficiency, respectful service and store environment as well as a selection of products that is sensitive to the interests of a given community and cultural distinctions between Hispanic consumers. That means understanding how color and decor cues differ between the states in Mexico and with southern Mexico, Central and South America.

Also, included in store design are large inside and outside areas that provide gathering places for groups of men who work or live together as well as women with children while shopping.

Employee training also is key to the appeal. The 200 or so employees to be hired for the San Rafael store may come in without a lot of skills, but they will learn how to meet cost targets for each department as well as how to win each customer with common courtesies such as looking them in the eye.

Great to see new businesses entering the county and taking advantage of opportunities as underperforming stores close.

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