Sunday, April 25, 2010

Whole Foods opens in Novato

The biggest retail event of the year so far happened last Thursday with the opening of the new Whole Foods in downtown Novato. The retailer timed the opening of the 39,000 square foot store to coincide with Earth Day, and got plenty of coverage in the local news.

I dropped by this weekend to check out the store. From the outside, the scale of the Millworks building is quite impressive. The development, which includes condo/apartments above and adjacent to the Whole Foods, is a lot larger than other buildings in the downtown area, most of which are single level.
The store was quite busy, with more people looking than were buying. Most popular was the bakery and the deli counter. Parking in the Millworks parking garage was easy, with access directly into the store on the main level or from the upper mezzanine.
The design is industrial, with exposed pipes and wires everywhere, and big signs and graphics within the store, including a container sitting atop the dry bulk goods corner.

Overall, a great addition for northern Marin shoppers; not so great for other grocers in the area...

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