Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sausalito - Bridgeway South

Below are a few more photos from my tour of Sausalito. This set covers the southern part of Bridgeway, from Horizons Restaurant to the intersection with Princess Street, and including the stores on Princess Street itself.

It's a mix of cafes, boutiques, art and gift shops, most of which are independent, or mom & pop stores, though there are a couple of national chains, including Starbucks and Benetton.
There are only one or two vacant stores in this part of the town, and many of the retailers have been present for many years. The architecture is an eclectic mix that includes older style single storey retail units, some modern additions, such as the arched-roof 660 Bridgeway, and converted residential buildings, where small boutiques occupy what looks like someone's front room.

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