Friday, February 5, 2010

The party's over for Party America

It looks like it's time to sweep up the confetti, pack away the party poppers and haul out the trash. The Party America store at Cost Plus Plaza in Larkspur is soon to close it's doors. A victim of the recession, you ask? I'm guessing it's more likely a victim of the success brought by it's busy new neighbor: Trader Joe's.
I don't know what rent Party America was paying, but I reckon it's way below the $42 per square foot the owners are asking now. For a shop this size (3,700 sf), that's one of the highest NNN asking rents in the County, and too much for the party people to afford.

So who would take this on? For the whole unit, Walgreens would be my bet. As I mentioned last year, the space may end up subdivided. Then we might get a Starbucks, Panera Bread, or a good local version like Larkspur's Rustic Bakery.

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