Monday, October 12, 2009

Coming soon... Marin Country Mart

Marin Country Mart is set to become the new name for the Larkspur Landing Shopping Center. While not much more than the logo has been made public to date, BVN Architects (Ferry Building, Oxbow Market) have been quietly working on plans for refurbishing the mall, which was purchased by JS Rosenfield in January this year.

The LA Times last week carried an article about Rosenfield and his retail philosophy, which is based around the Brentwood Country Mart:
Built to woo shoppers in a more rural Brentwood neighborhood after World War II, the red wooden structures evoke a country marketplace with stores and stalls that ramble around a courtyard. Along narrow walkways, doors open horse-stall style, offering views inside the smudged shoe repair stand, tiny post office and other shops.
But make no mistake, the Brentwood Country Mart is filet mignon masquerading as meatloaf. A posh Beverly Hills restaurant runs the humble-looking taco stand. Wealthy locals and a sprinkling of celebrities come here to hang out, maybe get a haircut or shop at 20-odd stores that sell merchandise such as mouth-blown Italian vases and hand-painted furniture.
Bring it on. If there's one thing we're short of in Marin, it's hand-painted furniture.

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