Monday, October 26, 2009

Paradise Foods opens (partly)

Took a quick look at the new Paradise Foods market, which quietly opened its doors last week at Pacheco Plaza. The "soft" opening was no doubt engineered to get their staff and systems fully functioning before the official grand opening, November 2.
The photos below show that the store has the wooden floors and shelving units that will look familiar to fans of the original Paradise Drive market. Also present are the deli counter with gourmet sandwiches at $6-$7, and the well-stocked meat and fish counters, which were getting the most attention from the small number of shoppers in the store.
Another hallmark of Paradise Foods is their range of prepared foods and meals, which are made on site. Lots of these to choose from, including salads, burritos, meat and rice dishes. prices range from $7 for a meal for one, through to $35 for a party-sized lasagna.

The Pacheco store is much bigger than the Corte Madera Store, so the aisles are wide, and there are open spaces at each side of the store and plenty of room around the checkouts. Some of the shelves are also empty, though we'll assume they'll be fully stocked by the time of the official opening next week.
As for Pacheco Plaza itself, the remodel is coming together, with nice landscaping and new shading that's brought the center into the 21st century. The photos I took last year look like they came from the 1970s. What they need now is a few more new specialty stores to breathe some new energy into the mix.

Oh, and is it too late to do something about that huge electricity pylon...?

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