Thursday, February 10, 2011

Boardwalk Market likes Marinwood Plaza

If you believe what you read on Facebook, things are looking up for the residents of Marinwood. The owners of  Tiburon's Boardwalk Market, which is being replaced by Woodlands Market in the next few months, have announced that they will be relocating their business to Marinwood.

The grocery store at Marinwood Plaza has been vacant since Bell Markets vacated several years ago. Last year, new life was injected into the Plaza in the shape of a weekly farmers market, which has enjoyed huge support from the local population. If the Boardwalk move is executed it will be a great outcome for the property and the community.

*Update: some additional details from the Marin IJ coverage: Boardwalk's owners will be doubling the size of their operations, from the current 7,000 sq.ft in Tiburon to 15,000 sq.ft in Marinwood. Also, they attempted to do a deal to get the ex-Delano's space at The Cove in Tiburon, but could not agree terms with the landlord. 

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