Thursday, September 2, 2010

Retail sales still tracking above 2009

Despite the slowdown in the economic recovery and amid warnings of a double-dip recession, 2010 retail sales in Marin have so far kept ahead of 2009 levels for the comparable month. For the year to August, the 1% sales tax distributed to Marin cities was $18.2m, up 3.3% over the same period for 2009.
Next month's figures will be interesting because the September 2009 figures were inflated by cash for clunkers spending from August 2009, as shown by the green line on the chart above, which rose to 2008 levels for that one month before sliding back in October.

Car makers are already reporting their August sales comps look terrible. So it will be no surprise if the Sept. 2010 retail sales number comes in 10%-20% below 2009.

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