Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Water Feature News

Readers of the blog will know that I have quite a fondness for water features (there's no property you can't improve with a good pond or waterfall) so it's a sorry duty for me to report the sad demise of the once magnificent fountain at Larkspur Landing Shopping Center.

The old fountain, pictured above, was once a glamorous spouting frenzy of water wonder that enthralled young and old and kept alive an army of potted shrubs.

Sadly, Marin's version of the Trevi Fountain is now is now a sad pathetic spurt that looks more like a sewage pond than the Bellagio it once was.
I guess the new fountain is more appropriate for the minimalist retailer-less and shopper-less shopping center as it goes through its transition to become the Marin Country Mart. But alas, the worst indignity for the poor fountain is yet to come; the unkindest fate for any water feature: replacement by a fire pit.

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