Sunday, July 12, 2009

Miller Avenue: vacant store update

An update on the retail space available to lease on Miller Avenue. There are usually one or two units on the market as part of the normal cycle of business openings and closures. At the moment there are a few extra vacant spaces, with several businesses being hit by the recession and there being few start-ups to replace them.

First, the fast food joint previously occupied by Jack in the Box has been sitting vacant for a long time. The chairs are out, the sun shades are up, but nobody's home.

Ciao Bella we previously mentioned. Disappearing under ivy on the east side of the Avenue. The store is close to the new new Tam Commons development, so might benefit from new activity in this area.

Opposite Whole Foods are two adjacent units in a prime location, but previously occupied by retailers with marginal business models: Lolipop candy store and Gourmet Garden To Go, a provider of take-out entrees.

Further north on the west side are two larger units whose long-time businesses closed in recent months. One was the auto parts store at 360.

The other was previously the toy store at 352. Now being fitted out by a new business venture called Once Around, which will be a craft/gift shop when it opens in the fall. You can follow their progress on their website as they get ready to open.

Finally, the unit previously occupied by the electric vehicle showroom now stands vacant. Concept maybe a year or two ahead of its time?

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