Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Going, going, gone..

As 2008 came to a close the list of retailers that closed their doors for good in Marin was getting longer. High profile chain stores made news headlines when they announced mass closings, while many smaller independent stores were put out of business quietly.

In October, department store Mervyns finally gave in and announced the closure of 149 stores, incluidng the one at Northgate San Rafael. In December, Kohl's was revealed as the new tenant for the site.

Circuit City announced the closure of 155 stores in November, including it's San Rafael outlet.

Back in May, Linen & Things, which used to have a store at Marin City, announced the closure of 120 underperforming stores.

Also gone are The Sharper Image and KB Toys, two well-known retailers that previously had stores in Marin.
In addition to these, there are empty storefronts appearing in all of the downtown areas and strip centers across the County, as independent boutiques and Mom & Pop stores struggle to survive. One of the great things about Marin is the abundance of small communities that still have a thriving retail presence; this is almost unique in modern-day stripmall America. If you want to maintain the character and viability of your local neighborhood center, now is the time to shop at your local stores and eat at your local restaurants.

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