Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Northgate renovation underway

Anyone who has been to Northgate will have noticed a lot of the main mall is now boarded-off as the renovation work gets going. For those of you who haven't yet shared the vision, here's what to expect:
This re­imagined shopping destination will offer simple yet dramatic, light­filled spaces, an indoor-outdoor design to take advantage of the region's spectacular days, and a new connection with this one­of­a­kind local landscape. The result will feel like creative reuse of a reclaimed warehouse or a rediscovered industrial building ­­ think "Marin loft" ­ but rethought as a vibrant new shopping environment.

One new problem (or opportunity) for the developer to deal with is the uncertain future of Mervyn's, which filed for bankruptcy protection last month. If Mervyn's were to go, who would we want to replace them?

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